Astro Arena: A modern Approach to Astronomy Education

Portable Planetarium: The Dome of the Universe

Astro Arena

  • Portable Planetarium

    The Astro Arena portable planetarium dome is an educational instrument that brings the stars to you. Anytime. Anywhere.

  • Astronomy Education

    Education is the number-one priority for all activities of the Astro Arena brand. We offer unique educational solutions. Anytime. Anywhere.

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    Serdecznie zapraszamy do odwiedzenia oryginalnego serwisu Astro Arena po polsku: - astronomia, edukacja, planetarium...

Why Astro Arena ?

  • Mobile, unique, professional

    Portable planetarium Astro Arena invites you to an educational show about astronomy. We can visit any kindergarten or school in Poland. Our mobile laboratory stimulates the imagination and guarantees excitement!
    Astro Arena - a modern Approach to Astronomy Education...

  • Edukacja astronomiczna w Twojej szkole!

    Astro Arena oferuje seanse astronomiczne w Twojej szkole. Przenośne planetarium Astro Arena - mobilne laboratorium pobudzania wyobraźni - odwiedzi każde przedszkole i szkołę. Pod miękką kopułą planetarium doświadczysz prawdziwej przygody! Więcej informacji po polsku w oryginalnym serwisie Astro Arena na

Under the Dome

  • Planetarium

    Sky that you can touch... The soft dome of the Astro Arena portable planetarium offers you the unique opportunity to actually feel the sky. Stars and constellations. The sun and the planets. The moon and asteroids. The whole universe is brought closet than ever before.
    Our planetarium staff guides you through the stargazing experience while your imagination works on high-speed.

  • Shows

    Astro Arena offers 2 types of shows. Live shows are presented directly to the planetarium audience of planetarium by an experienced staff member. Kombi shows are interactive presentations featuring a pre-recorded show as well as live interaction. All presentations and shows are tailored to the audience's age and background.

  • Seanse astronomiczne

    Seanse astronomiczne w przedszkolu i szkole. Astronomiczna oprawa eventów promocyjnych. Astro Arena po polsku: